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New localized treatment to fight Cellulite.
Originated by the collaboration with doctors specialized in cosmetic/medical products and with textile specialists, this innovating mixing heightens at most the efficacy of the massaging shorts and the Anti-Cellulite cream.

The localised FarmaCell treatment helps to stimulate blood circulation, to improve liquids and toxins drainage and to reduce fat deposits. Day after day, tissues recover
elasticity and tonicity, and imperfections caused by Cellulite are reduced. Results dermatologically Tested by the Centre of Cosmetology of the University of Ferrara after 8 weeks of treatment.

To whom FarmaCell KIT Plus is recommended:
Cellulite affects about 90% of women. The treatment is recommended in the cases of advanced or initial cellulite, and to those people who have a tendency to Cellulite. FarmaCell KIT Plus is the solution for any women who wish to prevent and fight the effects of Cellulite and look for concrete results.

FarmaCell Short

Shorts in microfibre with the exclusive patented smoking microtissue, characterized by small relieves including smooth areas which make a delicate but effective massage.
Its particular structure with the constant micro-massage, smoothes the skin and is effective against cellulite, improving blood circulation and helping the removal of fat deposits and excess toxins.

A tissue designed and realized with state-of-theart innovating machines with the Seamless technology which guarantees the maximum comfort and wearability.



Its weft guarantees a good transpiration and keeps the skin dry and healthy.

Composition of the shorts:
92% Polyamide – 8% Elastam
Each 100 gr FARMACELL PLUS cellulite

FarmaCell Cream

Innovating Cinnamon and Rosemary Anti-Cellulite Cream. Specifically created to act in depth, it is recommended for the removal of the infiltrations and the deep adipose sediments. Easily and immediately absorbed, it is a non-irritating product.

Clinically tested. FarmaCell Cream is a Class I medical device.
cream contains the following ingredients:
• Cetearyl alcohol
• Methylparaben
• Acemulgor lam
• Soya Oil
• Isopropyl Myristrat
• H2O demin/depur
• EDTA Bisodium
• Prevan
• Methyl Nicotinate
• Propylene glycol FU-USP
• Rosemary EG
• Cinnamon essential oil – arome
• Rosemary essential oil
Intended use
Thanks to its main principles FARMACELL PLUS is a treatment based on a deep-action that improves the microcirculation of small blood vessels and reduces infiltration and the deep adipose layers. Proven to improve skin tropism and cell oxygenation.

The localised FarmaCell treatment helps to stimulate blood circulation, to improve liquids and toxins drainage and to reduce fat deposits.
Day after day, tissues recover elasticity and tonicity, and imperfections caused by Cellulite are reduced. Results dermatologically Tested by the Centre of Cosmetology of the University of Ferrara after 8 weeks of treatment.

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