Company Profile

Abu Lail Medical & Sport Center ALMSC was founded in 1995 by Dr. Nasser Abu-Lail (Nasser Abu Lail Trading EST.) NATE. The name was changed to Abu Lail Medical & Sport Center ALMSC in 2003.

Abu Lail Medical & Sport Center ALMSC is an importer and distributor of medical and sports equipment in the Jordan market. dealing with hospitals, pharmacies, clinics, NGOs, and rehabilitation centers.

Now Abu Lail Medical & Sport Center ALMSC is considered one of the leading companies in the medical supply Industry.

We always aim to provide the highest quality products at an affordable price.

We believe that those requiring the supports of health care products expect to have products that make his life easier and more comfortable.

Abu Lail Medical & Sport Center ALMSC concentrates on being helpful with our clients and preserve our relations for the longest time.

Abu Lail Medical & Sport Center ALMSC owns three showrooms for medical devices, disposables & Sport devices in Jordan which two of them located in AmmanSport City & Tlaa Al-Ali, and the third is the newest one and located in Zarqa City far from Amman about 30 Km.

Head Office

Abu Lail Complex (105) Sarh Al Shaheed St. , Sport City – Amman –Jordan


Abu Lail Medical & Sport Center ALMSC has 3 Showrooms serve customers directly.


Dr. Nasser Abu-Lail founded ALMSC in 1995 as Nasser Abu Lail Trading EST. NATE. The name was changed to ALMSC in 2003. 

Functional Units

1- Medical:

  1. Rehabilitation: which contains wheelchairs, canes, standing frames, walkers, crutches, and Anti sore mattress and cushions. Delivered from (Vermeiren –Belgium ),( JianLian-China ),(Systam-France),(EME-Italy).
  2. Orthopedic Supports: From simple Sport Guards to special supports which is used post surgeries at the best quality
    Delivered from ( Huntex Corporation Taiwan (MAKIDA®),( Wellcare –Taiwan/China) And DynaLife® (USA)
  3. Surgical Disposables: we have a wide range of disposables (Syringes, Catheters, and surgical Gloves…) Delivered to hospitals And Pharmacies
    Manufactured by Known Companies : (Adventa Health –Malaysia) (LA-MED India), HBM (USA)
  4. Physicians Equipment: wide range of stethoscopes, sphygmomanometer, and Digital Blood monitors.
    From ( KBM, ALPK2 -Japan), (Spirit-Taiwan) ( Diagnosis-Poland ), ( Contec – China )
  5. Respiratory Care: This contains Nebulizers, Humidifiers, Ultrasonic Nebulizers, and CPAP, Oxygen Concentrator.
    From Bremed® (Italy) and Systam® (France), Diagnosis ( Poland ), MIC Foshan ( China ).
  6. Medical Natural Therapy: We provide different types of rehabilitation devices and new technologies that can aid in the speedy recovery of different medical conditions.
  7. Massage & Relaxation: we have a full range of Massage devices from portable to full massage chair.

2- Sport Equipments:

Wide range from Treadmills, Bikes, Ellipticals, Home gyms…

This is sold directly to the consumer at the Showrooms from high-quality manufacturers (GRAND POWER & HEALTHMATE ).

3- Energy Balancing:

ALMSC is now the sole agent for TRYMAX International which uses Hologram Technology to protect people from the adverse effect of the new Low Frequencies produced from new technology pollution