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Dennis Browne Shoes are designed to be used to help maintain correction in babies with Clubfoot and Metatarsus Adductus. These helps in preventing relapses, when the last plaster cast is removed a Dennis Browne splint must be worn full-time for two to three months and thereafter at night. The splint consists of a bar (the length of which is the distance between the baby’s shoulders) with high top open-toed shoes attached at the ends of the bar in about 70 degrees of external rotation. A strip of plastizote must be glued inside the counter of the shoe above the baby’s heel to prevent the shoes from slipping off. The baby may feel uncomfortable at first when trying to alternatively kick the legs. However, the baby soon learns to kick both legs simultaneously and feels comfortable. In children with only one clubfoot, the shoe for the normal foot is fixed on the bar in 40 degrees of external rotation. During the daytime the children wear regular shoes. Shoes attached to the bar often cause pressure blisters and sores. To prevent such distressing problems, we have devised a new foot and ankle abduction orthosis that holds the foot firmly and comfortably in place, causing no sores.

Special orthopedic shoe & bar for pediatric

  • It is an orthopedic bootee, its vamp is made from genuine leather.
  • The hinge and fixation bar act on the sole to correct legs.
  • The left and right leg can be adjusted from 0″- 90″ when the screw undid.
  • 5 sizes to choose for both the left and right shoes.
  • The length of spreader bar can be adjusted/tom 8 “-16”.

APPLICATION INSTRUCTION : Special Orthopedic SHOE& BAR CODE:48402-8 SIZE: XS – XL 1. Loose the white screw under the shoe botton 2.Turn the bar,adjust the angle of shoe and bar according to the patients need, tighten the white screw. 3.Adjust another piece of shoe by the same way 4.Put the shoes on the fasten the straps WARNING: This device is intended for use only under the direction of a medical professional SIZE  |   SOLE LENGTH XS          9.5 cm S             10.5 cm M            11.5 cm L             12.5 cm XL           13.5 cm

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