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– Usage will protect the health of pregnant women as starting from the second week of pregnancy, the flexibility of belly muscle becomes weaker and from the 16th week on becomes almost non-existent.

– Recommended for pregnant working women as it afford her to accomplish any hard work without affecting the safe development of fetus due to the belt has the function to adjust body balance to enable her to make a comfortable movement and at the same time, reduces any impact from outside.

– Prevention against premature birth.

– Foam coated with nylon brush on the outside and cotton / rayon inside.

– Contact closure 6″ ( 15cm ) width.

– Offers a free adjustment up to a maximum length of 12cm.

– Adequate flexibility assures safety.

– Secured in place by a touch and close fastener offering convenient wear.



Top in 100% nylon

Lining in 100% pure cotton

– مشد داعم للمرأة الحامل.
– يعمل على تحويل وزن البطن الى الظهر.

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