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– Combination of multi-panel cotton/rayon lined knit elastic joined with strong nylon threads and strong nylon brush/foam/cotton laminate.

– Strong nylon brush for ease and free application by using self-adhesive fasteners.

– High quality appearance and 7 1/2″ (19cm) width.

– Excellent body warmer in a cold day or night.

– Slim-down or figure restoration, especially effective for post-Operation and post-delivery abdominal support.

– Firm and comfortable support for abdominal surgery and lower back pain.

– Gives the stomach area a sense of comfort and firmness.

– Supports abdominal muscles controlled pressure while allowing full breathing and muscle redevelopment.

– Encourages patient to cough and breath deeply, and ambulate more comfortable.

– Reduces possibility of sedentary complications, such as atelectasis, pneumonia and phlebitis.


RAYON            20%


NYLON            15%

LATEX             25%

– يعطي الدعم لفقرات الظهر في حالات الالم البسيطة \ التشنجات العضلية \ المشاكل الفقرية البسيطة.
– يستخدم بعد العمليات (داعم للظهر و البطن).
– يوجد فيه تهوية كاملة (مريح في الصيف).

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