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Silicon | II | Black /Red /White

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Product Variants

  • Silicon | II | Black /Red /White - X-Small ()
  • Silicon | II | Black /Red /White - Small ()
  • Silicon | II | Black /Red /White - Medium ()
  • Silicon | II | Black /Red /White - Large ()
  • Silicon | II | Black /Red /White - X-Large ()

Product Description

What is the effect of TRYMAX? 

Given recent research on the effects of Extremely Low Frequencies (ELF), TRYMAX offers a device that may protect you from the effects of such frequencies.

ELF fields are emitted by electrical devices that surround us in our everyday lives, such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, mobile phone, TV and radio, microwave, and many more.

These fields have an influence on the performance of our body.  Such influence may be minimized by using TRYMAX technology in different varieties to optimize the functioning of the entire body.


What the people who have tried TRYMAX say? 

The professional sportsmen and ordinary people who have tested the new technology have recognized the various advantages of TRYMAX.

The energy and the high degree of concentration might be among the positive effects of TRYMAX.

TRYMAX holographic products are not medicine, so they cannot be taken as alternatives to medical treatments. Nevertheless they can be a supplement to our daily life and sports.

Try TRYMAX to see the results for yourself!


Quality Guarantee: 
Each TRYMAX package has a unique code confirming product quality and protecting it from tampering.

Beware of fakes. They may cause negative effect on your health!

The product is available in sizes: XSSML, XL

Certificates: SGS Certificate, TÜV certificate ROSTESTCE.




Product Attributes

  • Size: X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large


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